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OnlineLabs, LLC is dedicated to developing the next generation of virtual lab software, and bringing these products to students online. Onlinelabs was founded in 2009 by Dr. Michael Lerner, Dr. Richard Nafshun, and Dr. Michael Schuyler all chemistry faculty at Oregon State University with decades of experience teaching chemistry.  Under their guidance, OnlineLab's expert software development team has crafted a superior lab experience online for educators and students. We believe that the frequent interaction of experts in chemistry, teaching, and software provides a pathway to products that are scientifically credible, educationally valuable, and technically robust.

rick nafshun

Dr. Richard Nafshun has instructed over 40,000 general chemistry students and facilitates the Chemistry Graduate Student Teaching Mentor Program at Oregon State University; a program which promotes best teaching practices and provides a practicum experience for future college faculty. Richard is interested in how students learn chemistry with technological aids.

mike lerner

Dr. Michael Lerner is a professor of chemistry at Oregon State University, and leads a research group focused on the synthesis of new electrode materials. He has taught inorganic and general chemistry, and an advanced undergraduate laboratory, for over 20 years. Mike has a special interest in undergraduate education on energy and related science and technology.

mike schuyler

Dr. Michael Schuyler has taught chemistry for more than 35 years, at levels from first year students to graduate level courses. His specialties are in computer interfacing, physical, and analytical chemistry. Mike's success at teaching has been recognized by awards at the college and university levels. His degree work was at the University of California, Berkeley, and at Indiana University, Bloomington. He was a post-doctoral associate at the National Bureau of Standards. His teaching positions were at Allegheny College and Oregon State University.