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Online Chem Labs offers a set of virtual general chemistry laboratory experiments that can support a full year of general chemistry -- levels include University/College, Community  College, AP/IB High School and standard High School chemistry). Instructors can assign a few, or all, of the labs during each term. Click here to see a library of lab topics.


Fully online program delivery, our virtual labs will run on all common PC (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) or Mac (Safari) systems


Typically in the range of $20-45 per student per term, depending on the number of labs used and the class size. See our pricing page for some common packages or more details. Online Chem Labs are available either by individual student subscriptions or with a site license.

Some Key Advantages:

  • Realistic, high quality data help students acquire real skills in both data and error analyses
  • Adjustable random and systematic errors are incorporated
  • Exposes students to standard experimental methods that are not available in general chemistry labs. These may be too expensive, time consuming, hazardous, or require the use of limited facilities.
  • Partial or fully automated report grading is available.

Modes of use:


  • Student and instructor technical support is provided within 12 hours
  • Student responses are delivered to instructors in convenient, spreadsheet-ready csv format
  • Logical and student-friendly interface places the focus on chemistry, not on the software

Try it out:  Run the demo labs from the home page (these are abbreviated versions of selected experiments). Want to try the real labs? Fill out the Educator Inquiry Form We can provide login credentials for you to test our system and  view labs exactly as your students will see them.

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