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This experiment explores the reaction kinetics when a specific enzyme, amylase, is used to catalyze the breakdown of starch in acidic solution. The student is provided with reagent solutions of known concentrations of starch, buffer, and amylase, as well as an iodine indicator that is used to indicate when the starch has been consumed by the breakdown reaction. The student will measure the times for the reaction to run to completion under conditions where the reactant concentrations are varied by mixing solutions in different ratios. The goal of the experiment is to determine the reaction orders for starch and for amylase in the rate law.

Enzyme Kinetics

Learning Objectives:

  1. Become familiar with the catalytic effect of a specific enzyme on a biological reaction.
  2. Be able to prepare solutions of known concentrations for use in the analysis.
  3. Be able to measure accurately the time required for the reaction to consume a measured amount of starch.
  4. Be able to determine the order of the reaction with respect to both starch and amylase.
  5. Be able to answer questions about rate laws and kinetic principles.