Online Chemistry Labs | Learning Objectives


This first lab introduces students to the online lab environment and some common lab equipment. The topics covered include:


Learning Objectives:

1. An explanation and description of the Introduction, Experimental, and Discussion sections of the online labs. The rules for navigating and completing each section are explained, and we emphasize the need to maintain a separate written laboratory notebook.

2. Using the computer mouse to manipulate lab tools, dispense powders, and etc. How to enlarge labels to make them easier to read.

3. Using an analytical balance, including use of a weighing dish, taring the balance, and recording data. Students learn about the random measurement error in the balance readout.

4. Using a digital pipette to dispense liquids.

5. Evaluating reproducibility and calculating error from replicate measurements.

6. Use of a digital pipette to dispense liquids.

7. Recording data and calculated results in an experiment.

8. How to redo all or part of a lab, and how to review results and edit Discussion section work.