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This laboratory introduces students to graphing experimental data sets, linear regression analysis, and determining the equation of the linear fit equation. Several types of data sets are used to introduce the concepts of using a spreadsheet to analyze data sets and plot best fit equations for both linear and exponential data, to select data points that should be eliminated from the fit, to determine R-squared values for a data set, and to observe the conditions under which extrapolation is unreliable. Student will plot data sets, determine the best fit equations, and answer asked for observations and to draw conclusions based on their analyses.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Introduce the concept of graphical curve fitting. 
  2. Illustrate how to convert data from exponential to linear form.
  3. Illustrate how to use the coefficients of the fitted curve to calculate expected values.
  4. Compare and analyze the relative significance of dispensing error and variability in a sample set.