FAQ for registration and payment | onlinechemlabs

We welcome your questions and would like to hear suggestions on ways we can improve the quality of your virtual laboratory experience. Here are some of the most frequent questions that we receive about our labs.

When I try to open a lab window or log in, I see an hourglass, and then only a blank page. Or I get an error message.

You may be using a web browser that does not support Microsoft Silverlight. On PCs  you should use the Internet Explorer browser. On Macs, use the Safari browser. Chrome and Edge do not support Silverlight and will not allow you to open a lab window. 

Microsoft Silverlight must also be installed on your computer. Open our home page. If you see the light-blue Microsoft Silverlight text in the lower right-hand side slowly fading in and out, then you have Silverlight loaded and it is working properly. If you do not see this animation, then you do not have Silverlight running loaded, and the lab window will not open. You can click on the link to Install Silverlight.

If you tried installing Silverlight but still have trouble, check the following:

If you use a Mac: Under Safari/Preferences/Security make sure that "Internet Plug-ins: Allow Plug-ins" is checked, and also make sure the "Allow Silverlight" option is selected if that appears. If you're not sure how to find these options, this page may be useful:

If you use a PC:  Uninstall Silverlight using the Control Panel on your operating system. Then reinstall Silverlight by clicking on the "Install Silverlight" link in the lower right-hand corner of our home page.

I did not receive a verification email.

(1) Check if your email address is correctly entered on your My Account page
(2) Look for the verification email in your junk mail folder
(3) Check if your email client is set to reject email from addresses not in your contact list
(4) Note that you cannot perform this registration process from within Blackboard.

After correcting any of the above, please try the verification step again; it should work.

I have been verified. How do I pay for my labs?

To see if you must pay, click on the My Courses Quick Link from your Settings page. Any course fees due will be shown. If you have fees due, click on the Pay Lab Fees Now. You will be directed to the PayPal site where you can use a credit card, a debit card, an existing PayPal account, or an eCheck.

I am not able to make a payment on Paypal.

(1) Do not open the lab page within Blackboard, because the connection to Paypal will not work. Open a separate browser window directly from your desktop and try again.
(2) Use the most reliable browsers for this one-time process (IE7 through 10, Safari, or Firefox).
(3) Reboot your computer, and try again with no other applications open. Some open applications such as Facebook or mail/messaging might interfere with the Paypal interface.
(4) If all else fails, switch to a different computer to make your payment. This is a process that you only need to do once per course.

I have logged in, but do not see my labs. What must I do?

Click on the My Labs link. The list of available labs will appear. Click on the name of the lab you want to work on.

After I click on the name of the lab, I see a page called the Lab Details.

Click on Open Lab. Wait until Silverlight loads (10-20 s). We recommend a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 to display the laboratory screen.

How can I change my computer screen resolution?

The procedure depends upon your computer and operating system. On a PC running Windows 7 and 8, you can right-click anywhere on the desktop and then select Screen Resolution. For other PC operating systems, right-click anywhere on the desktop; select Properties>>Settings>>Screen Resolution. On a Mac, open the Apple menu and select System Preferences>>Screen resolution.


If the FAQs do not address your issue, please contact us at technical support. Please provide as many details as possible and your contact information. We will respond within 24 hours.